Gryphon Critterlings


The newest addition of critters imagined by Little Leviathan are these little gryphon collectible figures. They are a part of Little Leviathans Critterling collection. Critterlings are characterized by their cute and whimsical appearance. They are stylized as miniature pets that take on a character all their own with their large eyes and curious expressions.


Gryphon Details!

Gryphon Critterlings are roughly each 3 x 4  inches in size. They are made by colored Sculpey brand polymer clay. They all features dark glass eyes and are embellished with Faber-Castell soft pastel colors as well as with high pigment folk art craft paints. Their talons and beaks are coated in a glaze for added realism, and depending on if the gryphon is sporting some extras features they may also be highlighted in metallic paints. Each of these are hand made with fingers and sculpting tools and paint brushed, so no two are alike!


How to buy one!

These gryphon Critterlings sell on Etsy.

  • Regular figures sell at $45.00
  • Figures that come with extra accessories sell for $60.00

If you are interested in a custom gryphon Critterling, please check my Etsy page to see if any custom slots are available for purchase. Custom slots sell for $80.00 whether you add accessories or not. 

Accessories include such things as clothing, hats, scarves, tack etc. This can also include small accessories in their talons or beaks such as holding a toy or food item.